Spyder Wood Table

Συνολικές διαστάσεις (cm): 

140 x 140 x h 75 

150 x 150 x h 75 

182 x 90 x h 75 

200 x 100 x h 75 

200 x 106 x h 75 

200 x 120 x h 75 

240 x 100 x h 75 

240 x 120 x h 75 

300 x 100 x h 75 

300 x 120 x h 75 

Ø 130 x h 75

Ø 140 x h 75

Ø 160 x h 75 

Ø 180 x h 75

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Featuring a striking base that represents an 'X' shape, the Spyder Table throws away any beliefs that a table should have 4 straight legs. The matt or varnished steel base is complemented by various elegant top options that add both contrast and character. 

Spyder is available in the following versions: Spyder Wood (with oak or walnut wood top), Spyder Glass (with a glass top), Spyder Keramik (with a ceramic top) and Spyder Round (with a round shape top). No matter which one you choose, Spyder remains an elegant and refined piece of furniture which perfectly suits modern and dynamic settings.