Bica Table

Reference: BICA TABLE

Dimensions | Weight: 

Width:  60 O or 60/70 cm
Depth: 60/70 cm
Height: 75 cm
Packaging: 65/75W x 65/75D x 80H
Packaging: 1 piece /package
Weight: 10 kg

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The BICA Chair reinvents itself with a new approach: it recovers an iconic Portuguese chair design of the 50s and fuses it with new materials and colors, creating a true contemporary classic! Its vintage design, mixed with modern and attractive colors, will instantly bestow any place with a scent of simplicity, relaxation and authenticity. We want to share with you the whole story.

The history

The story of the BICA Chair goes back to the early 20th century. At only 22, Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos was a proud Master Craftsman. Very young, he decided to establish himself in Lisbon, Portugal and open its own workshop. In those early days, Master Gonçalo and his dozen workers crafted and handmade a little bit of everything, depending on the client’s orders. These included clamps for machine belts, heels for women’s shoes or even fruit juicers.

The famous metal chair came after. Because of his brother, Master Gonçalo visited France many times and there was where he got inspired. After the first drawings of the chair, the Master found his first craftsmanship problem: Bending an iron tube. Studying came next, more drawings, experiments - with sand, led or fire. Days, weekends, week in and week out until he finally got it: his own design and invention - his own iron bending machine.

The Café ‘Chave de Ouro’, founded in 1916, was the first to order the new chairs designed and crafted by Master Gonçalo. The design was later perfected to balance comfort and aesthetics until the 50s, where it got its final shape.

By that time, its rustproof, robust and stackable features conceived by Master Gonçalo found their place directly on café terraces and in public parks all across the country. Today, the BICA Chair has become a symbol of the Portuguese tradition that gathers families and friends around a table, sharing moments. An icon has revived and won a place in the Collection of the Lisbon Museum of Design and Fashion (MUDE) as a symbol of the Portuguese culture.

Built to last

The BICA Chair passes through a galvanizing process that involves the application of a thin layer of metallic zinc to the substrate base metal, which gives it an anti-corrosion resistance that can reach up to 10 years. This process enables a superior adhesion of paint due to its rough finish, achieving a 5x higher product longevity in comparisson to chemical treatments.

Keeping its original construction in iron steel, the BICA Chair has a 100% polyester coating finishing and a diverse color range, from the golden age of the 50s to the most current and trending palettes, making it a very versatile product perfectly adapted to today’s market.